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Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative Smart Grid Project
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Lead Organization:
Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative
HQ Location:
Norwich, Connecticut
Project Contact Information:
 Kenneth Horne

30 Stott Avenue
Norwich, CT 06360-1526

Project Summary:

The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative Smart Grid project (“ConnSMART Program”) involves the deployment of 35,000 advanced meters and interval usage web presentment to 24,000 customers of the four participating municipal utilities (Groton Utilities, Jewett City Department of Public Utilities, Norwich Public Utilities, and South Norwalk Electric and Water). The project will offer small pilot programs to introduce and test voluntary time-based rates and direct load control devices and will fully automate all substations located within Groton Utilities’ two service territories. The project will develop a new business intelligence platform utilized to improve understanding and control of wholesale power costs. The project aims to increase reliability, staff and asset productivity and customer service as well as enable customers to understand and take action to control their own energy use. Together, these benefits are aimed at controlling and potentially reducing customer power costs while improving customer usage understanding, service level and communications quality.


- 35,000 Smart Meters
- 3 AMI Communications Systems
--- Meter Communications Network
--- Backhaul Communications
- 4 Meter Data Management System
- Customer Web Portals for 24,000 Customers
--- Programmable Communicating Thermostats
--- Direct Load Control Devices
- Distribution Automation Systems
--- 11 Substation Remote Terminal Units
--- 11,000 Automated Status and Control Points

Targeted Benefits:

- Improved Operational Efficiency
- Enhanced Customer Service Option

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/connecticut_municipal_electric_energy_c...

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