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French Broad Electric Membership Corporation AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
French Broad EMC
HQ Location:
Marshall, North Carolina
Project Contact Information:

3043 Highway 213
PO Box 9, Marshall, NC 28753
Phone: (828)649-2051
Toll Free: (800)222-6190
Fax: (828)649-2989

Project Summary:

French Broad Electric Membership Corporation (FBEMC) currently serves over 37,000 customers in Madison County, Buncombe County, Yancey County and Mitchell County in western North Carolina, as well as members in Unicoi County and Cocke County in eastern Tennessee [1].

The utility had been serving customers in North Carolina with whom it can communicate via two whip antennas mounted on existing SCADA towers [2, 3]. The AMI project with Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet™) was being implemented in 2 phases to provide advanced metering as well as real-time outage management. French Broad started its implementation of TUNet® in October 2004. TUNet’s wide area network leverages the 220 MHz frequency, giving the Coop exceptional radio range and penetration across uneven countryside. The system consisted of a fixed wireless network that supports advanced metering, instant outage reporting, remote disconnect/ reconnect, and can serve as the backbone network for future applications and multi-utility capabilities [3].

French Broad EMC had been expanding its Automated Meter Reading with TUNet. Fiber optic cable has been continuing to be installed across the system to provide connectivity to the substations for SCADA and AMR etc [4].

In its 2013 annual report [5] it was stated that FBEMC can read every meter remotely with the full installation of our Automated Meter Reading system (AMR). This system also had been allowing their customers, who may be on a tight budget, to manage their electric bill more efficiently and help them keep up with how much energy they are using on a daily basis.


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