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CPS Energy Smart Grid Project
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Lead Organization:
CPS Energy
HQ Location:
San Antonio, Texas
Project Contact Information:

Anthony Hawkins
Director - System Measurement & Technology
CPS Energy

Project Summary:

CPS Energy is an utility owned company based in San Antonio, TX. CPS Energy provides electric service to over 700,000 customers and natural gas service to over 300,000 customers.

In early 2009, CPS Energy plans to replace its existing electric and gas meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology over the next five years through a three-phase project [1, 2, 3].

Phase 1 - Integrate AMI head end, Meter Data Management System (MDMS, Customer Information Systems (CIS), GIS and MWM
The plan includes the installation of AMI meters, provision and commission meters in the system, and the enable billing of AMI meters.

Phase 2 - Deliver the real-time functionality of the AMI system to CPS Energy business processes
The plan includes the provision of remote disconnect/reconnect functionality to CIS business processes, and the integration of AMI functionality into OMS outage prediction and restoration processes.

Phase 3 - integrate AMI with demand response, DMS and gas/electric system planning
The plan includes the integration of AMI capabilities into CPS Energy's evolving demand-response program; the provision of AMI data to gas/electric system planning; and the integration of AMI capabilities into DMS and smart grid initiatives.

In June 2010, CPS energy has selected Landis+Gyr to deploy the Gridstream smart grid solution for its more than one million electric and natural gas customers in San Antonio, Texas [4]. The goal is to complete the deployment by 2015.


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