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Pedernales Electric Cooperative Smart Grid Initiative
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Lead Organization:
Pedernales Electric Cooperative
HQ Location:
Johnson City, Texas
Project Contact Information:

201 South Avenue
Johnson City, TX 78636-0001
Contact: http://www.pec.coop/Home/contactus.aspx

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Operating from Johnson City, TX, Pedernales Electric Co-operative (PEC) served more than 230,000 electric customers. It was one of the seven utilities that signed contracts with the Distribution Control Systems, Inc in 2001, for the Power Line Carrier (PLC) automated meter reading, with the two-way automatic meter reading (AMR) [1]. PEC had also developed SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) teams to monitor the distribution system 24/7 regardless of any weather-related challenges.
PEC installed its first TWACS (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) meters in 1997 to get easier, faster, less expensive meter readings. With their advanced meter reading technology, PEC customers can track their energy usage through 'MyUse Energy Analyzer' program. It also uses SCADA, to receive and analyze real-time data streaming from PEC’s 8,100-square-mile service area, and uses that information to monitor the health of equipment at more than 65 substations [2].


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[2] Powering the future, PEC. URL: http://www.pec.coop/Home/Energy_Services/Powering_the_future.aspx