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South Central Indiana REMC Smart Grid Investments and Information
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Lead Organization:
South Central Indiana Rural Electric Cooperative
HQ Location:
Martinsville, Indiana
Project Contact Information:

300 Morton Avenue
Martinsville, IN 46151-2402

Project Summary:

The Indiana based touchstone co-operative SCI REMC (South Central Indiana Rural Electric Member Co-operative) Board of Directors, on November 24, 2009, adopted positions on the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) Standards 16-19. Standards 18-19 are relevant to smart grid, which are: (18) consideration of smart grid investments, and (19) smart grid information [1].

According to [2], position taken on the two standards above are summarized below:

"Standard 18 – Consideration of Smart Grid Investments
The Cooperative shall implement PURPA Standard 18. Smart Grid technologies currently in place include Advanced metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Installation of direct load control devices to control cooling and water heating equipment began in August, 2009 and will continue in 2010. In 2010 the Cooperative plans to install a meter data management software system necessary to implement time-of-use rates. Additionally, in 2010 the Cooperative plans to initiate pilot projects to test in-home energy display units and prepaid metering."

"Standard 19 – Smart Grid Information
The Cooperative shall implement PURPA Standard 19. Smart meters with two-way communication capability are already in place. The Cooperative has engaged a consultant to assist in developing time-of-use retails rates, which are expected to be implemented by June, 2010. In 2010 the Cooperative also plans to initiate a pilot project to test in-home energy displays units. As future technologies are developed, the Cooperative shall consider offering critical peak pricing and real-time pricing options. These options shall be dependent upon interest and acceptance by the Cooperative’s customers and Hoosier Energy’s ability to provide the proper price signals to the Cooperative."

The company has selected NorthStar Utlities Solutions’ MeterSense Meter Data Management (MDM) solution for its advanced metering infrastructure initiative [3]. The smart meter data obtained remotely is validated and cleansed and reports are being presented to customers about their current energy usage with the help of MeterSense MDM system [3].


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