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Black River Electric Co-op AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Black River Electric Co-operative
HQ Location:
Fredericktown, Missouri
Project Contact Information:

2600 Old Highway 67
Fredericktown, MO 63645-7480

Tel: 573-783-3381

Project Summary:

Black River Electric Cooperative (BREC)was formed 1938, to provide electricity to a service area that encompasses the southeast Missouri counties of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Dent, Iron, Madison, Perry, Reynolds, Shannon, St. Francois and Wayne[1].

BREC has signed the agreement with Aclara Systems to install the Two-way automatic communications system (TWACS) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution in its service territory and the implementations started in 2008. The Aclara TWACS systems uses power lines to transmit data to and from the smart meters installed at customer locations [1]. The system makes it easy to use existing power lines to reach all customers, even those in remote locations. The technology provides a solid metering foundation and delivers valuable data for timely billing, load control, demand response, and outage detection and assessment [2].

The partners companies are:
- Alcara
- Hexagram, Inc.
- Nexus Energy Software


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