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Interstate Power and Light (Minnesota) AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Interstate Power and Light (Minnesota)
HQ Location:
Albert Lea, Minnesota
Project Contact Information:

1221 Sykes Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007

(507) 859-2229‎

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Interstate Power and Light, Minnesota is a subsidiary of the Alliant Energy Corporation which serves more than 1.4 million gas and electric customers in the states of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota [1, 2, 3]. Alliant has partnered with Sensus Metering Systems for its FlexNet AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) implementation which began in 2007 and eMeter, Inc. for the EnergyIP meter data management system (MDM) [1, 2]. The EnergyIP MDM system helps to capture energy usage data at 15 and 60 minute intervals from smart meters installed at customer locations [3].

FlexNet system’s two-way applications for electricity meters include demand reads, kWh and actual voltage measurements, programmable read interval, low-voltage and breaker re-closure warnings, outage and restoration notification, as well as on demand meter functions that are accessible from the Internet. FlexNet offers the gas utility hourly or daily reporting options, eliminates bad reads, estimated reads and curbside reads. [3].

EnergyIP is designed to integrate into existing energy systems in order to realize the Smart Grid concept into the electric, gas, and water utilities. Its major features are; Grid Abstraction Layer, Web services integration, Real time Transaction Processing, and Unified Data Model.
- The company plans to finish installations by 2012 [3].

Project partners are:
- Sensus
- eMeter


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