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Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia Distribution Automation Project
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Lead Organization:
Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia
HQ Location:
Atlanta, Georgia
Project Contact Information:
 Doug Lego

1470 Riveredge Parkway, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30328-4686

Project Summary:

The Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG) project involves the implementation of information technology infrastructure to manage new automated or remotely controlled equipment deployed in the electric distribution system. This project aims to reduce operating and maintenance costs, while improving the reliability of the transmission and distribution assets owned and operated by MEAG. The communication systems and automation equipment being deployed within MEAG’s distribution substations reduce the frequency of system failures and associated maintenance activities. Furthermore, the new information technology infrastructure established as a result of this project supports future deployments of distribution automation and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) by municipal utilities served by MEAG. This project also implements remotely controlled motor operators to operate transmission switches, which reduces operations cost and improves outage response time.


- Substation Automation Equipment for 128 out of 171 Distribution Substations
--- SCADA Communications Network
--- Automated Regulators
--- Smart Meters
--- Smart Relays
- Transmission Line Monitoring System

Targeted Benefits:

- Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs
- Increased Electric Service Reliability

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/municipal_electric_authority_georgia_me...

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