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Delmarva Power AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Delmarva Power
HQ Location:
Wilmington, Delaware
Project Contact Information:

630 Martin Luther King Blvd
Wilmington DE 19886

Project URL:
Project Summary:

According to [1], "beginning in late 2009 and through the end of 2010, Delmarva Power will install 300,000 new digital electric meters, 130,000 gas modules plus the necessary support technology – all of which are aimed at improving reliability and customer service for its Delaware customers." This advanced metering technology provides two-way communication between the utility and the customer. The Delaware Public Service Commission has authorized Delmarva Power to move forward with its Advanced Metering Initiative [1].
The benefits from the new meters include:
- the reduction in wholesale energy prices from customers using less energy during peak, expensive times;
- the reduction in customers’ monthly bill because they will have the tools to alter their energy use more than ever before;
- more efficient utility operations [2].


For more information about the project, please visit:
[1] Delmarva Power. URL: http://www.delmarva.com/energy/blueprint/indpl/default.aspx
[2] Delmarva Power News Release. URL: http://www.delmarva.com/welcome/news/releases/archives/2008/article.aspx...