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Okanogan County PUD AMI project
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Lead Organization:
Okanogan County PUD
HQ Location:
Okanogan, Washington
Project Contact Information:

1331 2nd Ave North
Okanogan, WA 98840
509-422-8404 or 509-422-3310

Project Summary:

The Okanogan County Public Utilities Department (PUD)'s meter change has began in the July of 2009 in the Ophir/Brewster area, then moved to the Methow Valley, Pateros and progressed north up the Okanogan Valley ending up in Oroville in late 2010 [1]. The meters, equipment and software is expected to cost the PUD approximately 4 million dollars [1]. AMI provides instant information on usage, loads, voltage, meter tampering and outages all of which improves the District’s ability to better serve its customers. District meters can be read remotely by communicating over power lines and the fiber-optic network. This means no meter readers visiting each meter bi-monthly or monthly and no more estimated reads [2].


[1] Okanogan County PUD FAQs. URL: http://www.okanoganpud.org/AMIFAQs.pdf
[2] Okanogan County PUD News release. URL: http://www.okanoganpud.org/Conservation/newsletter_0902.pdf