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Burbank Water and Power Smart Grid Project
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Lead Organization:
Burbank Water and Power
HQ Location:
Burbank, California
Project Contact Information:
 Bruce Hamer

164 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502-1720

Project Summary:

Burbank Water and Power in Burbank, California, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, has received $20M in funding to help build a smart grid starting in year 2010. They are one of only 100 select companies in the nation to receive funding. The project will deploy multiple integrated smart grid technologies, including 50,000 electric smart meters.
The BWP Smart Grid Program is a comprehensive, secure integration of multiple intelligent Smart Grid infrastructure systems and control processes designed to modernize the BWP electrical energy delivery systems. The primary components of the program include the following:
-Communication Systems: Fiber Optic Ethernet Switched Services Network; City-wide secure WiFi mesh network; Network management systems to ensure operational efficiency and reliability.
-Advanced Metering Infrastructure:, AMI meter system with two-way secure mesh radio communication to electric meters; Itron Safe Source AMI system for water meters (Not included in DOE SGIG funding); and a Meter Data Management system to store and manage meter data.
-Distribution Automation Projects: Develop an Integrated System Model of the Distribution system for system analysis and design; Complete asset GIS records; Reconfigure 12 kV Feeder circuits and add automatic sectionalizing switches and other line conditioning equipment to support automatic operations and enhanced operations; Add auto-recloser equipment to 4 kV Feeder circuits to reduce outage duration; Other automation of distribution infrastructure as justified by engineering studies.
-Smart Grid Control Systems:, Data flow architecture analysis and potential deployment of an Enterprise Service Bus; Distribution Management System to manage operations and optimize system voltage and reactive power; and Energy Demand Management System to aggregate, display and control demand components.
-Demand Management and Control:, Web-based Customer Portal to present energy usage and efficiency options; Potential Time of Use or Critical Peak Pricing rate structures to promote smart use of energy, energy efficiency, and peak-demand reduction; Various potential Customer Smart Choice Programs to empower Customers to use energy wisely, potentially including In-Home Energy Displays, Programmable Thermostats, other services.
-Other Smart Grid Programs:, Physical and Cyber Security management plans and systems; Thermal energy storage program; Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic demonstration program; Electric Vehicle charging demonstration program.

This information was submitted by Bruce N. Hamer, Program Manager at Burbank Water and Power, on 9/28/2010.


, 52,257 Smart Meters
, AMI Communication Systems
, Meter Communications Network
, Backhaul Communications
, Meter Data Management System
, Approx. 5,000 In-Home Displays/Energy Management Systems
, Approx. 5,000 Programmable Communicating Thermostats
, Distribution Automation Equipment for 106 out of 117 Circuits
, Distribution Management System
, Automated Distribution Circuit Switches
, Distribution Automation Communications Network
, 280 Thermal Energy Storage Units – Ice Bears
, 15 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Targeted Benefits:

, Reduced Electricity Costs for Customers
, Deferred Distribution Capacity Investment
, Reduced Costs from Line Losses and Theft
, Improved Service Reliability and Power Quality
, Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs
, Reduced Meter Reading Costs
, Reduced Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutant Emissions

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/burbank_water_and_power_smart_grid_program

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