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Report to NIST on the Smart Grid Interoperablity Standards Roadmap - Post-comment-period version
EPRI Project Manager, Don Von Dollen

This document provides a context for assessing the status of standards and protocols for smart- grid-related information exchange. It identifies the issues in coordinating the development of a framework that involves participation with and ownership by the principle stakeholders. It identifies an initial set of architecturally significant interfaces and their relationship to existing standards as defined primarily, by stakeholders engaged through workshops. It also identifies and prioritizes the interoperability standards activities required to support the integration of smart devices and systems in the electric system.

This document is divided into the following major sections:

1.0 Purpose and Scope:

2.0 Smart Grid Vision: This section provides understanding as to what we consider to be the “Smart Grid”. It also gives insight into development planning and deployment of Smart Grid components including the associated organizational drivers, opportunities and challenges.

3.0 Smart Grid High-Level Architecture: Here a conceptual model of the Smart Grid is presented that illustrates the landscape of applications across this extensive notion.

4.0 Smart Grid Applications Requirements: Through Use Case analysis and using the priority functionalities identified by FERC, a set of example applications are investigated to expose key interfaces and requirements.

5.0 Cyber Security Requirements: This section presents a high level view of critical infrastructure cyber security requirements for the Smart Grid.

6.0 Prioritized Actions and Timelines: This section discusses the recommendations for resolving the gaps identified in the previous section.

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