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Report to NIST on the Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Roadmap
EPRI Project Manager Don Von Dollen

This report provides an Interim Roadmap for the development of the Interoperability Framework. It describes the current status, issues, and priorities for interoperability standards development and harmonization. The report also describes the high-level architecture for the smart grid including a conceptual model, architectural principles and methods and cyber security strategies.

In section 1, this report provides a general overview of this project.

In section 2, this report summarizes the efforts to date to define the smart grid and describes the ongoing governance process that will be required to develop the smart grid.

Section 3 defines a conceptual model for thinking about the smart grid and its implementation. It discusses the architectural principles that will enable the smart grid to support new technologies and support new business models.

One can best understand interactions between the domains through looking closely at key cross- cutting applications. Section 4 of this report introduces the applications Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response (DR), Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV), Cyber Security, Wide Area Situation Awareness (WASA), Market Communications, and Distributed Generation and Energy Storage (DG).

Section 5 discusses the security requirements of the smart grid. As the smart grid relies on business interactions as much as it does upon the physical processes of delivering electricity, security for the smart grid must consider interference or disruption of business communications as much as it does disruption of the delivery of electricity. Matters of identity and authorization are paramount, as are privacy and appropriate access concerns for handling personal information of customers.

Section 6 presents the near-term actions that NIST can take in advancing the Interoperability Framework.

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