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NIST-PAPs: Energy Storage Interconnection Guidelines (Aug. 12)

Energy storage is expected to play an increasingly important role in the evolution of the power grid particularly to accommodate increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy resources and to improve electrical power system (EPS) performance. Coordinated, consistent, interconnection standards, communication standards, and implementation guidelines are required for energy storage devices (ES), power electronics connected distributed energy resources (DER), hybrid generation-storage systems (ES-DER), and plug-in electric vehicles (PEV). A broad set of stakeholders and SDOs are needed to address this coordination and evolution in order to update or augment the 1547 standards series as appropriate to accommodate Smart Grid requirements and ES-DER object models in IEC 61850-7- 420. Coordination with UL, SAE, NEC-NFPA70, and CSA will be required to ensure safe and reliable implementation. This effort will need to address residential, commercial, and industrial applications at the grid distribution level and utility/RTO applications at the grid transmission level.

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