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National SCADA Test Bed: Hands-on Control System Cyber Security Training
Idaho National Laboratory NSTB program

This is one of three SCADA security courses available through Idaho National Laboratory NSTB program. This intermediate SCADA security course is expected to take 8 hours. All the courses are designed to increase cyber security awareness and defensive capabilities for IT/Control System managers, IT/Control System security personnel, network and control system support engineers, and control system designers and developers who are involved in or responsible for control system cyber security. The courses are geared toward systems in the energy sector, but are relevant to most control system environments.

This course is structured to help students not only understand exactly how attacks against SCADA systems could be launched and why they work, but also provides mitigation strategies to increase the cyber security posture of your control system network. Accompanying this course should be a sample SCADA network that demonstrates exploits used for unauthorized control of the SCADA system and mitigation solutions.

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