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Partitioning and Clustering in Electrical Networks: Applications for Reliability and Economics
Seth Blumsack

This set of slides was presented at the CNLS Smart Grid Seminar Series at Los Alamos National Lab on March 10, 2009. It presents some ongoing work on using structural information for network partitioning, based on the concept of electrical centrality proposed by Hines and Blumsack [1]. The electrical centrality measure is used to define a set of quality metrics for network partitions. These metrics are used to build a fitness function that is used to solve a network clustering problem with explicit reliability or economic objectives. Preliminary results from an exploratory study of the PJM Interconnection by Blumsack, et al. [2] demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed clustering approach, and suggest that structural partitioning can be a useful tool for improving planning assessments in power systems.

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