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Mitigations for Security Vulnerabilities Found in Control System Networks
May Permann, John Hammer, May Permann, John Hammer

This paper was presented at the 16th Annual Joint ISA POWID/EPRI Controls and Instrumentation Conference, 4-9 June 2006, in San Jose, California.

Industry is aware of the need for Control System (CS) security, but in on-site assessments, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has observed that security procedures and devices are not consistently and effectively implemented. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), established the Control Systems Security Center (CSSC) at INL to help industry and government improve the security of the CSs used in the nation’s critical infrastructures. One of the main CSSC objectives is to identify control system vulnerabilities and develop effective mitigations for them. This paper discusses common problems and vulnerabilities seen in on-site CS assessments and suggests mitigation strategies to provide asset owners with the information they need to better protect their systems from common security flaws.

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Technical paper