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White Paper - The Smart Grid and the Evolution of the Independent System Operator
Chris Thomas, Bruce Hamilton, Jinho Kim, ADICA LLC

This paper explores the smarter grid, the broader vision of a smart grid in the United States, and the role that the standards making process has in helping Independent System Operators (ISOs) evolve to meet the challenges facing the grid. Most smart grid development in the US has been focused on regional issues related to utility deployment of AMI and other basic foundational systems. While this effort is important, placing meters at end user locations is only the first step in the development of a smart grid. A much more specific effort is needed in order to create the interoperable smart grid that has been envisioned by US federal policy. To realize this vision, every participant in the electric grid, from the consumer to the generator, needs to be engaged in a fully transactive system. This new, more transactive system will require the facilitation of millions, perhaps even billions, of new transactions by ISOs. This system is a logical extension of existing electricity markets, but it represents a monumental change in policy.

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