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Demand-side Integration in a Restructured Electric Power Industry
A. S. Chuang, C. W. Gellings

This paper was presented at CIGRE Conference, 2008 (www.cigre.org). The paper identifies concepts and implementation methods of demand side management (DSM) that remain relevant in restructured environments. The authors analyze a broad range of demand-side implementations to develop a conceptual framework encompassing both vertically-integrated and restructured industry environments, including market environments where demand response programs coordinate customer usage with electricity market conditions. A comparison between load shape impact objectives of programs reveals noticeable terminology differences in regions where electricity markets exist. In these regions, the terms demand response and energy efficiency have increasingly replaced DSM. Terminology shifts and other industry trends validate the need to extend traditional DSM concepts and methods to formulate a generalized framework. The proposed demand side integration (DSI) framework relates traditional and new forms of demand-side integration. The framework distinguishes implementation horizons, incentive methods, actuation methods, and objectives for integration.

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Technical paper