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An Introduction to Sustainable Green Engineering Part 2
EEE Expert Now eLearning Tutorial by Paul Ranky

Ranky, Paul
Sponsored by : IEEE Educational Activities Department
Presented at : Developed exclusively for IEEE Expert Now
ISBN : 978-1-4244-6168-4
Publication Date : Mar-2010
Run Time : 1:00:00

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the importance of the subject area of sustainable green engineering. We present an overview of some of the challenges, and some of the solutions we have for sustainable lean and green engineering in product, process, and service systems in various industries. We will provide examples of products, processes, and service systems in manufacturing, design, electronic, automotive, and construction. We will discuss the fundamentals of alternative energy sources and the carbon footprint in a variety of different industries with examples from all around the world. We also will define the basic terms of green engineering and sustainability.

We will introduce the basic rules on how to design and produce for green. You will gain an understanding of the core challenges we are facing in terms of sustainability, global warming, the carbon footprint, and toxic products. We will examine the complexity of sustainable green engineering while recognizing that it's a complicated and complex system mainly because we don’t really understand the mechanisms that drive it.

In Part 2 we focus in particular on waste reduction. This includes becoming leaner on an international basis, by performing environmental engineering and industrial ecology, and by understanding how the Internet can help our greening efforts. We also review the concept of green telecom and green data centers, and others, that can help to green the entire world.\

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