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Cyber Security of Substation Control and Diagnostic Systems
Joseph Weiss

Sponsored by : IEEE Power Engineering Society
Presented at : Power Engineering Society General Meeting
ISBN : 0-7803-9650-2
Publication Date : Jan-2006
Run Time : 1:00:00

This course will familiarize learners with the need to strengthen the protection of the control systems used in the industry against cyber (electronic) threats. The control systems addressed include SCADA systems, IEDs, substation automation systems, and distribution control systems. The course will identify the major threats, and outline practical suggestions about how the security of these systems may be enhanced. After completing this course you should be able to develop an understanding of: Issues relating to cyber security (Why do people care about this subject?); The threats to the security of control systems (Who are the intruders, and why do they do what they do?); What makes control systems vulnerable to intrusion?; Industry’s experience is with breaches of security? (Separating the myths from the reality); What utilities are required or advised to do to protect their systems (Rules, regulations, and standards: steering through the regulatory thicket); What utilities can do now to protect their systems (Practical steps that go beyond what is currently required.); Anticipated future developments to enhance the cyber security of control systems.

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Short course
IEEE Smart Grid