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Development of a Comprehensive / Integrated DR Value Framework
Violette, D. Summit

This report addresses the research and development objectives of the Research Opportunity Notice RON – 1 issued by the Demand Response Research Center (DRRC). The DRRC defines Demand Response (DR) as “actions taken to reduce load when contingencies (emergencies and congestion) occur that threaten the supply-demand balance, and/or market conditions occur that raise supply costs.”1 DR typically involves peak load reductions and strategies that differ from energy efficiency in that they represent transient versus permanent changes in peak period loads. DR will typically be associated with a customer load reduction in response to a market condition (often a price), or a customer response to a notification regarding a specific reliability contingency. For this report, this definition was extended to also include more decentralized forms of demand response such as real-time pricing where customers make individual choices to shift or reduce demand without direct communication with their utility or system operator.

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