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Savings Potential of ENERGY STARĀ® Voluntary Labeling Programs
Webber, C. and R. Brown

The purpose of this paper is to document the forecast of ENERGY STAR energy, energy bill and carbon savings that generated that $100 billion savings estimate. Since President Clinton made that speech, new ENERGY STAR programs have been introduced, and we now estimate that the present value of energy bill savings could reach $130 billion if ENERGY STAR devices were to achieve 100% market penetration. This paper describes the methodology of the ENERGY STAR savings forecasts. It provides results for both the 100% market penetration case and for a target market penetration case using the market share goals used by EPA and DOE. The paper also considers the impact on energy, energy bill and carbon savings if the programs fall short or exceed their market penetration goals, if energy prices fall, and for two alternative rates of carbon emissions from electricity generation.

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