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National Action Plan on Demand Response
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Staff

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission) is required to develop the National Action Plan on Demand Response (National Action Plan) as outlined in section 529 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), entitled “Electricity Sector Demand Response.” This National Action Plan is designed to meet three objectives:

1. Identify “requirements for technical assistance to States to allow them to maximize the amount of demand response resources that can be developed and deployed.”

2. Design and identify “requirements for implementation of a national communications program that includes broad-based customer education and support.”

3. Develop or identify “analytical tools, information, model regulatory provisions, model contracts, and other support materials for use by customers, states, utilities,
and demand response providers.”

The National Action Plan is intended to be an action plan for the nation for implementation by states, localities, and regions. Although its actions apply to the entire country, the National Action Plan recognizes, as Congress intended, the important role that state and local governments play in developing demand response. The coordinated efforts of federal, state, and local lawmakers and regulators are needed to enable achievement of the nation’s demand response potential.

To develop an action plan for the nation, FERC staff solicited and accepted input and participation from a broad range of industry stakeholders. A draft of the National Action Plan was prepared after reviewing the many ideas that reflect the diverse views of a broad range of entities. This National Action Plan reflects comments received on the Draft for Comment of the National Action Plan.

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