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Assessment of Demand Response & Advanced Metering - Staff Report 2008
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

This report on demand response and advanced metering fulfills a requirement of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) section 1252(e)(3)1 that requires the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission) to prepare and publish an annual report, by appropriate region, that assesses electricity demand response resources, including those available from all consumer classes. The report begins with the introduction (Chapter 1), which describes the report structure. There are four other chapters in this report that provide the information requested by EPAct 2005 section 1252(e)(3).

Chapter 2 presents the survey results on the penetration of advanced metering nationally, regionally, by type of utility, customer class, and by state. This chapter also discusses the key new developments, issues, and trends in the deployment and adoption of advanced metering

Chapter 3 briefly introduces each type of demand response program and the various time-based rates. It presents the survey results on demand response programs, including time-based rate programs, and gives the regional and national distribution of these programs, as measured by the number of enrolled customers reported in the 2008 FERC Survey. This chapter also uses the 2008 FERC Survey data to estimate the size of the demand response resource in the United States today.

Chapter 4 reviews demand response trends and developments. This chapter summarizes activity on demand response at the national and state level, and identifies several key trends in demand response implementation policy. In addition, this chapter reviews Commission demand response activities and steps that have been taken to ensure comparable treatment of demand response in regional transmission planning.

Chapter 5 summarizes and analyzes the barriers to demand response identified from various sources.

This report also contains seven appendices that provide reference material and additional detail on the 2008 FERC Survey and survey respondents. Appendix A lists the statutory language in section 1252 of EPAct 2005. Appendix B lists the acronyms used in this report. Appendix C contains a glossary of the key terms used in this report and the 2008 survey. Appendix D presents additional detail on the 2008 FERC Survey and documents survey response rates. Appendix E lists the respondents to the 2008 FERC Survey. Appendix F lists the entities that indicate that they operate demand response programs in their responses to the 2008 survey. Appendix G provides data tables associated with each of the figures in this report.

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