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California's Statewide Pricing Pilot: Commercial & Industrial Analysis Update
Stephen S. George, Ahmad Faruqui and John Winfield

California’s statewide pricing pilot (SPP) was designed to test the impact of several time-varying rate structures on the electricity usage patterns of residential and small commercial and industrial customers. Pricing treatments went into effect in June 2003. Impact estimates for the 2003 and 2004 summer periods for all treatments and customer segments were presented in a report entitled Impact Evaluation of the California Statewide Pricing Pilot, dated March 16, 2005. This report provides an update on the California's SPP since the last report. This report is organized as follows. Section 2 summarizes the evolution of the sample and treatments over the two summers. Specifically, it examines the extent and nature of turnover in the sample, shows the number of customers that accepted the enabling technology offer, shows how prices changed across the two summers, and summarizes the length and timing of CPP events. Section 3 contains the results of our analysis on the issues of persistence across the two summers, persistence across multiple CPP days, the difference in impacts across customers with and without enabling technology and the difference in impacts across critical events of varying length.

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