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Automated Demand Response System Pilot, Volume 1 – Intro & Exec Summary
Rocky Mountain Institute

This report summarizes the load impact results of residential customers equipped with the Automated Demand Response System (ADRS) through the summer of 2005. It highlights the major load impact results during the 2004 summer pilot period, which have been updated from our original report published in March 2005. The restatement of summer 2004 load impact results was to facilitate comparison with summer 2005 results in fulfillment of the October 29, 2004 the Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling (02-06-001). This report then compares the load savings results of ADRS participants achieved in 2005 with performance during the summer 2004 pilot period. The authors also present the main conclusions based on the main findings from the load impact analysis, and recommend design options for future ADRS programs.

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