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Assessment of Demand Response & Advanced Metering Staff Report (Docket AD06-2-000)

The report begins with an executive summary and introduction which describes the report structure. It then delves deeper into the issues of demand response and advanced metering, detailing the information that Commission staff learned regarding the six issue areas required by EPAct 2005 section 1252(e)(3).

Chapter 2 includes a background on demand response. Chapter 3 reviews advanced metering, and estimates the saturation of advanced metering nationally, regionally, by type of utility, customer class, and by state based on the results of the FERC Survey. Chapter 4 examines time-based rates and demand response programs. Each of the various time-based rates and demand response programs are discussed in detail. Chapter 5 considers the size of demand response as a resource. It explores the size of the existing demand response resource in MWs, considering results from the FERC Survey. Chapter 6 considers the potential and role of demand response in regional planning, with a focus on regional transmission planning and operations. This consideration includes a review of its current role along with a process for incorporating demand resources in resource plans. Chapter 7 summarizes and analyzes the barriers identified in comments and in key reports and filings, and provides recommendations for future Commission deliberation.

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