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EPACT 1252 Webinar - DRAM Coalition
Dan Delurey

This webinar contains the answers to the following top 10 questions being asked in an EPACT 1252 proceeding :–
– What does Section 1252 require regarding demand response and advanced metering?
– What is an advanced meter, and do advanced meters differ between residential and commercial customers?
– What technology standards are needed?
– How can technology obsolescence be avoided?
– What are the main costs and benefits in the advanced metering business case?
– Do demand response and advanced metering investments make sense in regulated and unregulated markets, especially when prices are rising?
– Do customers respond to time-of-use prices, critical peak prices, and critical peak rebates, and how do customers like these options?
– Does demand response benefit the environment?
– What are various utilities, states, and others doing?

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