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National Transmission Grid Study

This report outlines 51 recommendations that will help ensure a robust and reliable transmission grid for the 21st century. The following are six general recommendations:
● First, we must increase regulatory certainty by completing the transition to competitive regional wholesale markets.
● Second, we need to develop a process for identifying and addressing national-interest transmission bottlenecks.
● Third, we can avoid or delay the need for new transmission facilities by improving transmission system operations and fully utilizing our existing facilities. Regional planning processes must consider transmission and non-transmission alternatives when trying to eliminate bottlenecks.
● Fourth, opportunities for customers to reduce their electricity demands voluntarily, and targeted energy-efficiency and distributed generation, should be coordinated within regional markets.
● Fifth, ensuring mandatory compliance with reliability rules must include enforceable penalties for non-compliance that are commensurate with the risks that the violations create.
● Sixth, DOE will take an increased leadership role in transmission R&D and policy by creating a new Office of Electricity Transmission and Distribution.

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