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Proceedings - PJM Symposium on Demand Response I

This document is the proceedings - PJM Symposium on Demand Response I, held on May 9-10, 2007 in Alexandria, VA.

The Symposium involved fifteen small-group discussions. Participants were assigned to the small groups to achieve a cross section of stakeholder perspectives from across the PJM region. For the majority of the Symposium, each small group discussed the same topics and addressed the same focus questions.

The topics and focus questions were:
1. Importance or Value of DR in PJM Region
− What are the primary reasons why DR is important for electric system planning and operations and customers in the PJM region?
2. DR Experiences and “Lessons Learned”
− What are the significant lessons learned about what does and does not work with existing DR in the PJM region and elsewhere?
3. Top Priority DR Opportunities for PJM What are the best DR opportunities
− for the PJM region over the short, medium, and longer term to realize the benefits and fulfill the value proposition for using DR in electric system planning, operations, and customer support? Actions for Addressing the Top Priority
4. DR Opportunities What are the most important actions
− that need to be implemented for the top priority DR opportunities to be brought to fruition?

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