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Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) 2010 Panelist Interviews
George Arnold, Jon Pena, Fran Schrotter, Fred Baker, Erich Gunther, Mohammed Shahidehpour, Annabelle Lee, Carl Gunter, Stefano Galli, Don Von Dollen, Wayne Longcore, Chris Kelly, Gary Stuebing, Xavier Mamo, and more

This video/audio presentation contains panelist interviews from the IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT) 2010. The interviews cover the questions such as:

• Why should the public care about the Smart Grid?
• Why is NIST involved in the Smart Grid Initiative?
• At the residential level, what is different about the Smart Grid?
• What sort of energy management will [Smart Grid] require of homeowners?
• Is it a challenge to get the various players to cooperate?
• Why do we need to spend so much to convert to a new system of electricity when we have a perfectly fine system now?
• Why is it important to be able to transmit electricity from one part of the country to another?
• How do electric cars fit into the Smart Grid equation?
• If we use coal to generate electricity for plug-in vehicles, we aren't really benefiting the environment, right?
• How does storage come into play?
• What are the challenges to be addressed over the next few years?
• Where is the money coming from to build the Smart Grid infrastructure?
• Is it a challenge to get the various players to cooperate?
• How significant is the Smart Grid to those working on it?

Videos from the IEEE ISGT 2010 are available here.

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