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ANSI/CEA-852.1: 2010 - Enhanced Protocol for Tunneling Component Network Protocols Over Internet Protocol Channels

This document contains the details of the CEA-852.1 standard, an IP-based tunneling protocol designed for use with ANSI/CEA 709.1-B-2002. This standard specifies a communications method that allows networked data acquisition and control devices to communicate with each other over the internet. The purpose of such devices are widely varying and include functions such as appliance monitoring, meter reading, and HVAC and lighting control to name a few. CEA-852.1 does not replace existing device communications protocols, but instead allows those protocols to use the internet as a communications medium. CEA-852.1 currently supports the existing device protocols CEA-600 (CEBus) and CEA-709.1 (LonTalkĀ®) and was designed to allow the support of others.

More Information on this standard can be found here.

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