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Technical Requirements of Smart Electric Power Distribution Networks in the UK
O\'Malley, G.; Wu, J.; Jenkins, N.

This paper appears in: Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2010 45th International
Issue Date: 2010
On page(s): 1 - 6
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-7667-1
The UK is striving to make the transition to a low carbon economy, whilst securing sustainable energy supplies for consumers for a future in which fossil fuel natural resources are not guaranteed. Transforming the UK distribution networks using a Smart Grid concept is seen as one of the means to satisfy the future energy requirements of the UK. The Smart Grid concept is ambiguous and much debated globally and its interpretations vary. This paper explores the technical requirements of a UK Smart Grid. Options and considerations are then reviewed for meeting the basic functional requirements of adopting the Smart Grid concept.

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Technical paper