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Policy Directions for the Smart Grid in Korea
Jinho Kim; Hong-Il Park

This paper appears in: Power and Energy Magazine, IEEE
Issue Date: Jan.-Feb. 2011
Volume: 9 Issue:1
On page(s): 40 - 49
ISSN: 1540-7977
A new National Vision for Low-Carbon, Green growth was announced in Korea on 15 August 2008, and a more concrete plan was initiated through the presidential green-growth committee on 16 February 2009. Korea is thus actively pursuing sustainable development dealing with climate change and energy security. At the same time, it is shifting toward a low-carbon economy and a society capable of recovering from climate change. As part of these efforts, Korea has launched a national smart grid project to achieve green growth in a proactive, transparent, comprehensive, and effective way. The project envisions laying the foundation for a low-carbon, green-growth economy by building a smart grid. It will thus serve as a yardstick with which to evaluate the future of Korea's green-growth economy. Korea's ambitious plan to build a smart grid is evidence of its determination to realize its low carbon and green-growth strategy. In this article, a national vision and road map toward the smart grid in Korea will be presented, followed by a discussion of future policy directions for the successful implementation of the smart grid.

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