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What Is Appropriate Strategy for Smart Grid Business?: A Case Study of Test Bed in Korea
Kim, Taisiya; Park, Soo Kyung; Lee, Bong Gyou

This paper appears in: Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications (CUTE), 2010 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on
Issue Date: 16-18 Dec. 2010
On page(s): 1 - 5
Location: Sanya, China
ISSN: 1976-0035
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-8813-1
The purpose of this study is to suggest an efficient guideline for the Smart Grid business. Recently, energy inefficiency problem is a critical global issue. Thereby, the Smart Grid has been emerging as a solution to the energy inefficiency problem. However, related studies of the Smart Grid strategy were not sufficient to promote the Smart Grid business. Therefore, this study examined cases of countries that are on the process of promoting the Smart Grid. Moreover, this study analysed the test bed case of Jeju island led by Korean government. This study suggests comprehensive strategic implications to the Smart Grid business through the comparative analysis of the countries. Thus, this study provides useful guidelines to the countries that are on early stage of the Smart Grid business.

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Technical paper