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Development of Real-Time Simulator Theory and Modeling Technique Based on NS-2
Tae-Gun Lee; Su-Goog Shon

This paper appears in: Education Technology and Computer (ICETC), 2010 2nd International Conference on
Issue Date: 22-24 June 2010
On page(s): V5-115 - V5-117
Location: Shanghai
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-6367-1
By using information technology, smart grid saves energy, reduces cost and improves reliability. By delivering the information of power production and consumption to a bidirectional on a real time, energy efficiency is optimized. However, the operating method of the distribution system needs to be changed by increase of capacity of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and new load (e.g., PHEV, fuel cell). Thus, every country, the lively study about smart grid in the national dimension is in progress. However, actual research did not progress nearly that can be applied to real system. This paper propose real time simulation theory and modeling skill for utilizing the smart grid in the IP network. By using Network Simulator version2 (NS-2), a grid was designed and a simulation was performed. And, we examined possibility of applying at the IP network.

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Technical paper