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NAS Battery Demonstration at American Electric Power
Benjamin L. Norris, Jeff Newmiller, Georgianne Peek

The first U.S. demonstration of the sodium/sulfur (Na/S) battery technology was launched in August 2002 when a prototype battery energy storage system (BESS) was installed at a commercial office building in Gahanna, Ohio. American Electric Power (AEP) served as the host utility that provided the office space and technical support throughout the project. The installation was intended to demonstrate the BESS’s usefulness to commercial electric utility customers across a range of applications, including power quality (PQ) and peak shaving (PS). This report summarizes the operation of the prototype BESS and provides a number of recommendations for future NAS® BESS
installations based upon the lessons learned in Gahanna. Additionally, an economic analysis was developed to gauge the cost effectiveness of the NAS® BESS for the prospective customer-owner.

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