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The HV System Impacts of Large Scale Electric Vehicle Deployments in a Metropolitan Area
McCarthy, Dean; Wolfs, Peter

This paper appears in: Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC), 2010 20th Australasian
Issue Date: 5-8 Dec. 2010
On page(s): 1 - 6
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-8379-2
The peak power demand and energy demand imposed by the deployment of electric vehicles are examined for the city of Perth, Western Australia. Penetrations of up to 100% of the light vehicle fleet, 800,000 vehicles, are considered by allocating vehicles to zone substations in proportion to the number of customer connections and then assessing the loading impacts in the sub-transmission system, bulk supply terminal substations and transmission system. Recommendations made as to the controlled charging regimes that can be employed. The impacts are assessed over a ten year planning horizon.

Document Type:
Technical paper