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CPS-Net: In-Network Aggregation for Synchrophasor Applications
Arya, V.; Hazra, J.; Kodeswaran, P.; Seetharam, D.; Banerjee, N.; Kalyanaraman, S.

This paper appears in: Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS), 2011 Third International Conference on
Issue Date: 4-8 Jan. 2011
On page(s): 1 - 8
Location: Bangalore, India
E-ISBN: 978-1-4244-8951-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-8952-7
Synchrophasors are sensors that sample power grids and publish these measurements over a network to a number of grid applications such as voltage monitoring, state estimation, visualization, etc. The sampled data is QoS sensitive and must be delivered reliably with minimal delays to the target applications. However, during network overloads or grid emergencies when the volume of data transmitted is high, it is important to gracefully degrade performance and data stream delivery in an application-specific manner.

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Technical paper