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Smart Grid Journey at Austin Energy, Texas, USA
Austin Energy

In 2003, Austin Energy based in Texas, US, began a long journey to explore and deploy the technologies enabling the Smart Grids of the future. The first part of Austin Energy's programme, called Smart Grid 1.0, to be concluded at the end of 2009, focuses on the utility side of the grid, going from the central power plant through the transmission and distribution systems and all the way to the meter and back. Before the project was wrapped up, in December 2008, Austin Energy launched the second phase of the journey towards intelligent grid: Smart Grid 2.0, developed in conjunction with the Pecan Street Project. Smart Grid 2.0 focuses on the grid beyond the meter and into the premise (e.g. home, office, store, mall, and buildings) with integration back to the utility grid. The project is concerned with managing and leveraging distributed generation (e.g. solar, micro wind), storage, electric vehicles, and smart appliances on the customer side of the meter.

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