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Hierarchical Control of Droop-Controlled AC and DC Microgrids - A General Approach Towards Standardization
Guerrero, J. M.; Vasquez, J. C.; matas, J.; Garcia de Vicuna, L.; Castilla, M.

This paper appears in: Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Issue Date: Jan. 2011
Volume: 58 Issue:1
On page(s): 158 - 172
ISSN: 0278-0046
INSPEC Accession Number: 11692753
AC and DC microgrids are key elements to integrate renewable and distributed energy resources as well as distributed energy storage systems. In the last years, efforts toward the standardization of these microgrids have been made. In this sense, this paper present the hierarchical control derived from ISA-95 and electrical dispatching standards to endow smartness and flexibility to microgrids. The hierarchical control proposed consist of three levels: i) the primary control is based on the droop method, including an output impedance virtual loop; ii) the secondary control allows to restore the deviations produced by the primary control; and iii) the tertiary control manage the power flow between the microgrid and the external electrical distribution system. Results from a hierarchical-controlled microgrid are provided to show the feasibility of the proposed approach.

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Technical paper