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Building a Smarter Smart Grid through Better Renewable Energy Information
Potter, C.W.; Archambault, A.; Westrick, K.

This paper appears in: Power Systems Conference and Exposition, 2009. PSCE '09. IEEE/PES
Issue Date: 15-18 March 2009
On page(s): 1 - 5
Location: Seattle, WA
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-3810-5
"Smart grid" is a relatively new term that refers to the application of information technology to power systems. Due to the complexity of such systems; the possibilities have yet to be clearly defined. Drawing a clear distinction between one grid configuration being "smart" and another failing the criterion is not realistic. Instead, it is much more practical to consider the "smart grid" as a term defining opportunities to improve the operation of the power system. One of the key features of a smart grid is the ability to utilize information to make better operational decisions. This paper proposes that significant improvements can be made to the operations of a smart grid by providing information about the likely behavior of renewable energy - through both online short-term forecasting and longer term assessments.

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Technical paper