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Advances in Wind Energy Technologies in the Context of Smart Grid
Glinkowski, M.; Hou, J.; Rackliffe, G.

This paper appears in: Proceedings of the IEEE
Issue Date: June 2011
Volume: 99 Issue:6
On page(s): 1083 - 1097
ISSN: 0018-9219
Advances in technology at all levels of the power system enable the integration of wind energy into the emerging smart grid efficiently and reliably. This synergy works both ways. A smart grid will allow connectivity of the wind turbines as intermittent sources of energy, and the advanced wind turbines with power electronics controls and other devices can support a grid with reactive power and protect the equipment during severe grid disturbances. Interconnection of large wind farms with the power grid using such technologies as high-voltage dc (HVDC) and SVC with Energy Storage can add a new degree of control to the power system, mitigate the intermittency of the wind energy production and the impact of electrical disturbances.

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Technical paper