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PG&E’s Smart Grid Deployment Plan

PG&E’s Smart Grid Plan is presented in the following chapters:
- PG&E’s Smart Grid Vision
- PG&E’s Smart Grid Strategy
- PG&E’s Smart Grid Deployment Baseline
- PG&E Smart Grid Related Programs
- PG&E’s Smart Grid Roadmap
- Cost and Benefit Estimates
- Customer Outreach and Education
- PG&E’s Grid Security and Cyber Security Strategy
- PG&E’s Smart Grid Metrics
In each of these chapters, PG&E provides a more detailed discussion and description of its Smart Grid Deployment Plan, including demonstrating how it complies with the requirements of SB 17 and the Commission’s Decision 10-06-047 implementing SB 17. In addition, each of these chapters incorporates the helpful advice and guidance provided by the EDF during its participation in the Commission’s Rulemaking 08-12-009 and in EDF’s recent “Evaluation Framework for Smart Grid Deployment Plans,” issued in June 2011 in collaboration with Herter Energy Research Solutions.

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