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"Vids 4 Grids" by NEMA - Grid-scale Flywheel Energy Storage for Frequency Regulation
NEMA, George Mason University

"Vids 4 Grids: New Media for the New Energy Workforce" is one of 54 Smart Grid workforce training programs being funded by the Department of Energy. In collaboration with George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, and member manufacturers, NEMA produces a series of short videos that demonstrate Smart Grid equipment, explain electrical engineering concepts, and portray careers in electrical manufacturing. This edition of Vids 4 Grids takes us to Beacon Power in Tyngsboro, MA to learn about storage of electrical energy by use of world-class flywheels. These devices are capable of storing energy in the range of megawatts and can be called upon by electrical utilities in milliseconds to balance the supply and demand of electricity.

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