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Application Of Southern California Edison Company For Approval Of Its Smart Grid Deployment Plan
Southern California Edison Company

This is the Deployment Plan submitted by the SCE for CPUC's approval. SCE is investing in a smarter electric grid to meet California’s ambitious energy policy goals, take advantage of technological innovations, and engage its customers as partners in both of these pursuits. To meet these objectives, SCE will invest, over time, in advanced energy and information technology that will enable a broad range of smart grid capabilities aimed at delivering a cleaner energy future, a more informed customer, and a more reliable electric system. SCE’s Deployment Plan describes the steps SCE will take to evaluate and deploy these technologies in the eight-element format established by the Decision.

This information was submitted by Jeremy Laundergan, Director, Utility Services Consulting, EnerNex, jlaundergan@enernex.com on 07/15/2011.

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