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Texas-New Mexico Power Company's Request For Approval Of Advance Metering System Deployment And AMS Surcharge
Texas-New Mexico Power Company

This document is the petition and application, in accordance with P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.130(d), through which the TNMP requests approval of the proposed Advanced Metering System Deployment Plan. Under the advanced meter deployment plan, TNMP will provide full deployment of advanced meters to approximately 240,000 retail electric customers over the period 2011-2015.
In addition, pursuant to PURA ยง 39.107(k), TNMP requests approval of an AMS Surcharge tariff to recover the reasonable and necessary costs it will incur under the deployment plan for the full deployment of advanced meters to residential and non-residential customers in its retail electric service area, except for those customers who have interval demand recording (IDR) meters or take unmetered service.

This information was submitted by Jeremy Laundergan, Director, Utility Services Consulting, EnerNex, jlaundergan@enernex.com on 07/15/2011.

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TX-NM Power Company