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Demand Dispatch—Intelligent Demand for a More Efficient Grid
NETL Smart Grid Implementation Team

Today’s predominant approach—called Supply Dispatch— is to allow load to go up to demand level and then generate sufficient power to achieve demand vs. supply balance. Direct control and Demand Response practices have been implemented in the past to alleviate the stress—mainly for peak load—on centralized stations resulting from continuous growth of demand.
This work introduces the concept of Demand Dispatch approach where demand is adjusted based on generation—which is complement to Supply Dispatch—and depicts its current state, evaluates its feasibility and value, impediments to its implementation, etc. It also makes few recommendations to implement Demand Dispatch. This work suggests that incorporating Demand Dispatch will enable full optimization of supply and demand. One of its objectives is to inspire actions toward further optimization of grid operations by utilizing Demand Dispatch.

This information was submitted by Jesse Goellner, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton (contract consultant to the National Energy Technology Laboratory), jesse.goellner@ba.netl.doe.gov on 08/25/2011.

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