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Order Stating Conclusions & Next Steps In The Matter Of The Investigation Of The Issues Related To Smart Grid And Advanced Metering Technologies
Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of the State of Colorado

This investigatory docket was opened to explore smart grid and advanced metering technologies. Another objective was to develop understanding of surrounding issues, potentials to improve performance, etc. Necessity of defining "smart grid" is addressed in this docket. It also emphasizes on discussing smart meters separately from other smart grid technologies.

Thorough investigation on aptness of smart meters as a technology for dynamic pricing were conducted. Data from other markets have been analyzed, too. Findings from these activities, and important guidelines are included in this document. To mitigate the risks of under realization of smart meter benefits, this docket suggests that customer education plans should must accompany smart meter applications. Formal rulemaking should be the way to impose this requirement.

This docket urges on investigating effects of dynamic pricing and disconnection on low-income and vulnerable consumers, such as, elderly, homebound, etc. It accentuates smart meters' value in furthering DR and DSM objectives. Findings and requirements for new technologies, such as, electric vehicles, distributed sources, etc., are mentioned so that these new technologies cooperates to achieve the peak demand instead of exacerbating it. The docket articulates few learning opportunities from SmartGridCity. Cyber security risk mitigation standards, developed by NIST, should be adopted, if necessary, and accepted and it should work for the industry in dealing with cyber threats.

This information was submitted by Jeremy Laundergan, Director, Utility Services Consulting, EnerNex, jlaundergan@enernex.com on 08/31/2011.

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